Bosnians on tour in Riga - Day 2

Game day! Since there were almost only Bosnians from Sweden on the boat I had for a moment forgotten that Riga also would be full of Bosnians from Bosnia, Germany, Denmark, Norway and other European countries. As soon as we left the bags at the Radisson Blu (where everyone else from the boat also lived), we went out to the city, took pictures with lots of other fans (could barely take a photo without someone bombing it) and continued the cheering party in the center of Riga.

Cafes and restaurants were full with Bosnian supporters and in several places they played Bosnian music and our flags were hung. It felt like being in Bosnia as we sat and enjoyed the heat. Latvians were very welcoming and seemed to think it was great that we were there. After the match, some Latvians even said that our visit was among the biggest things to happen the city lately, it became so alive. Aaw.

We met two nice girls from Denmark, originally from Banja Luka, who had by far the best, self-designed flag, "BIH - Ladies on tour". We need to fix a similar one. Notice by the way how we ladies managed to hang the flag.
Moms & daughters from BL. We took the opportunity to pose a bit with their flags, and so did our parents. Aren't they cute?

We were told to gather at 4 am, and when we got there, we find that the walking towards the stadium had already begun. And that's the first thing I was unhappy about. Nothing compares to the walk in Paris where we were 20,000 Bosnians, but even in Estonia it was better organized than this time. Most were not even aware of it starting, and we came to the stadium two hours early, which was a real anti-climax after getting in the right mood. These hours we could have spent with all the others who still partied and sang in the cafes.
The happiness! I think this picture was taken after the second goal. After a goalless first half, we started to get a little nervous, until the goals started coming one by one in the second half. I almost felt a little sorry for the Latvians whose small crowd continued cheering throughout the whole match. Eventually we began to cheer with them when they cried "Latvia, Latvia, Latvia". And although they were losing by 0-5 they started cheering "Bosnia, Bosnia, Bosnia" back. Another aaw moment. It is so wonderful when a game like this can be friendly without any fighting.

After the game it was time for the after party which took place in one of Riga's night clubs. Disappointment No. 2. We were exhausted after two intense days but was still ready to go all in and celebrate the win with our last energy. But no, the artists didn't seem to know what party music is. Enes started well, he sang other famous songs and chants. Tifa was a real disappointment, he came out drunk and angry and only sang slow rock ballads, not even the songs that everyone know What were they thinking? That we were there just for their sake or because we actually want to celebrate the game? What a waste. We went back to the hotel pretty soon, I heard from others that Tifa didn't even return to the stage again. But perhaps it was just as good that we got a bit more sleep.

Whatever. We won. Yey!

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