Beyoncé in Stockholm

What a woman, queen, goddess. I don't know how to describe her! This is the first time I've seen Beyoncé live, and if I admired her before, it's nothing compared to now! She has an incredible charisma and star quality, I have never seen anything like it live, at the same time she seems so humble. She IS girl power. She gave us a fantastic show, with 43569 costume changes and a new theme for each song. The only thing that bothered me, and that I will never forgive myself for, is that once I managed to sneak in a system camera, I forgot the memory card in the computer. I wanted to kick myself, hard. Apart from that, the evening was perfect, Amela and I went home in a state that you could describe as slightly hypnotized, especially after standing a few meters away from her at one point (you could just look at her until your eyes pop out ). The spell was broken when we both had to get up early for work, but a bit of the energy we got is definitely still there. You know, who run the world...

Here are my short video clips with sucky iphone quality, but what to do. They show a bit of the opening when she just turns up out of nowhere, then when she is walking around on a platform in the middle of the arena, and finally her beautiful tribute to Whitney. We sound like howling dogs in the end, HAHA.


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