May Day

Uppsala is, as always, the place to be at Walpurgis Night and May Day. I thought that last year's celebrations would be hard to beat, especially given the weather this year, but we made it even better this time. At first we drove around to different places in Uppsala and met som friends at the Ekonomikum park, but fled as soon as the rain struck.

Later on we went back to Jasmin's and barbequed chicken and ribs, YUM! The first BBQ of the year. We set the table on the balcony danced to the music sitting down, as we sat wrapped up in blankets. We were all in that mood when you laugh at everything. The world's best balcony hang out!

The night continued at Saluhallen where we met up with more friends. Crazy good music the whole night and another crazy night out in Uppsala, these nights always turn out great! Time went by so fast that it felt like a few hours were over in a few seconds.

The next morning Jasmin's mother prepared a breakfast of pancakes and strawberries for us. The thermometer showed 30 degrees on the balcony and we sat and sweated as though it was the middle of July. Talk about a taste of summer, and a great start of May! Unfortunately I could not enjoy it all day but had to go home to deal with studies. And now the blog probably will not be updated until the project submission.


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