Project 3, year 2

The last project for this year is done! What a wonderful feeling! It feels good to finish with this project, I have learned more about materials, construction and details during this project than I did during the two last years. I still don't know anything, though... Today's architecture students, hehe. As usualI, I will post my posters and some model photos here. 

I must say that I am pleased with the pictures, they are good for being done the old fashioned way, without 3D modeling programs. Okay, "old fashioned" may not be the right expression, they are not drawn by hand, but it's simply photos of my model that I photoshoped into the photos I took of the place we were allocated. And then I added some people, shades and greenery - summer sells better. HERE you can see the original photo, not much to cheer for.

It took me three whole days from morning to night to build this model, but it was worth it. Tomorrow it's time for the presentation, which I don't want to devote a single thought to right now. I just want to sleep for a few hundred years, and for once not dream about houses, model building and construction drawings.


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