The essence of life is the sharing of our perceptions of it with each other

I just want to say THANK YOU! Thanks to you who write nice comments and during these last months even have thanked me for a good blog, despite the infrequently update. It's great that you're still here! A few of you have also written that you're proud of me even though you don't know me, isn't that just wonderful? As happy as I am over your nice words, I'm also glad that I have readers who can enjoy others happiness, and, alhough I don't know you, you take a bit of your time to write a comment that makes my day. The comments say much more about you than about me.
Sometimes I can get a little surprised when you describe me so wonderfully. I post nice pictures and photos from special occasions, I emphasize the positive in my life, but I write very little about what I think and how I feel, and about myself really. It may be possible to get a fairly good idea of a person anyway, but from my perspective as a blogger, it can seem a bit strange since I think the blog show a very small and superficial part of me. I would like to share more of myself, I feel I have much to give, and if it can somehow inspire someone, that's absolutely wonderful - the nicest thing to hear is that you are an inspiration. The blogs that inspire me the most are those who are very open about themselves, but I don't really know how to blog in that way anymore (I still save all the longer texts in the draft instead of publishing them). I used to give a lot more of myself but it has become more difficult with time, perhaps because I have become so aware that there are actually strangers who read my blog and the more I open up the more vulnerable I become. There are those who don't know where the boundaries lie. Unfortunately, it's easy to forget that there are indeed wonderful people with whom I would gladly share much more, people who might find something to get inspired by. Some of you I even recognize the names of, and know that you have been following me for a while, maybe I've looked into your blog or Instagram and it feels like I know you on some strange level, even though I barely know anything about you... Besides the fact that you are there. And share my joy and my experiences. That's probably what still makes me hold on to the blog, thank you for reminding me of that every now and then!


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