Disneyland & California Adventure

Before we left L.A. we made a stop in Disneyland! How many of you have dreamed about this your whole childhood? And how many of you got to go there? None of us did anyway. Now we finally got the chance to live our lost childhood dream. The amusement park is actually two parks, Disneyland and California Adventure, and you need to buy tickets to both and then run between the parks. So unnecessary. Although on the other hand, it felt like you had twice as much to choose from.

I have a fear of roller coasters, which was the reason why we didn't go to Six Flags. But of course, this roller coaster (with a loop) had to be the first thing we tried. Afterwards I always realize that it wasn't so bad, but until that I die inside a few times. Therefore, I thought we should try something "less thrilling" afterwards, like the ferris wheel. Except it wasn't less thrilling. Mickey's Fun Wheel is a bit different than the usual ferris wheel. It looks pretty harmless, I even had to nag the other daredevils who complained about how boring it would be. Well...

It was far from boring, HAHA. This is my precious viedo that I will always look at when I need a good laugh. Erna and Alex cried in fear and I probably also would have, if we weren't laughing our asses off at them. Best. Ride. Ever.

There were lots of other fun rides, and they are all so incredibly well made, in every detail. Almost all of them had different themes and settings from the Disney films. I mostly thought of how incredible this is for children. We looked for all "thrill rides". Unfortunately, many of them were out of order when we were there, which sucked, to say the least. But of those who worked you have to try Space Mountain (a roller coaster in the dark!), Hollywood Tower and the Indiana Jones ride. 

In the evening when we were out of energy, we went back to the car and drove down to San Diego, our final destination in California.


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