Midnight Talk

Enough with pictures from Barcelona. There will be more, however, of USA. It's quite grateful to have a stash of pictures, you always have something to blog about, even in times like these. Soon it's deadline for our first project this year. It's barely two weeks left and I can therefore say goodbye to any spare time. This urbanism project is different from previous projects, it is very much society planning and much less designing. This week has been so tiring, and more to come. But even during bad days, while sitting on the subway after a long day, dragging that heavy bag with you computer and lunch boxes and cursing the fact that you have not slept enough, you still feel satisfaction. For the simple reason that you do something you love.

I know I have blog readers who are still in high school and some may have anxiety over not knowing what to do after. I also had anxiety before graduation, even though I had a clear alternative. I think I even had a personal crisis. But I'm telling you, when you find your thing, be it directly or after a few years, or even after changing jobs and education a few times, you will feel such a peace of mind and stability in life. You have then chosen a path and you just follow it and enjoy everything it gives you (= a lot). Moreover, everything feels more meaningful. You do not have to write essays on colonialism in India or study for exams in chemistry, with zero interest and motivation.

I just want to say that everything will be all right, life get better and better and suddenly you laugh and shake your head at how dramatic you were once upon a time. If you have anxiety, think about the real reason, what 's the worst that can happen and is it really that bad that it is worth to feel bad about? I know you already know that, I also knew, but sometimes a reminder is needed. / Amateur Psychologist


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