Santa Monica Beach

Let's go to the beach, beach, we thought when we woke up to the sunny and hot L.A. We put on our bikinis and drove to Santa Monica, only to be met by that damn Pacific FOG again! It's amazing how half an our from the coast can differ so much when it comes to the weather. The fog makes it several degrees colder and we all had to run into H&M to buy sweaters.

Luckily the day wasn't ruined since Santa Monica had a lot of fun activities to offer, including a visit to the famous pier with the amusement park that you have seen so many times on tv. We tried a few rides and arcade games to warm up for upcoming theme park visits.

Few beaches are as fun to hang out at as Santa Monica Beach, even when it's not sunny. I have never been at a beach with so much activity. There was a part where people were only doing acrobatics and some form of yoga, where they balanced on each other in lots of cool poses. There were also a lot of frames with rings, ropes, swings, balance ropes, etc. We felt like kids in a large outdoor gymnasium. Besides that, a lot of people are also skating and biking on the incredible long and wide beach. People were so relaxed and it really came off on os. If I would visit L.A. again, I would definitely like to live in Santa Monica or Venice.

Last, but not least, I must not forget to mention... Baywatch!


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