Middle of the week update

Are you tired of my pictures from USA yet? In that case, I'm sorry but there's still a looot of pictures comming up. At this rate, hopefully all will come up before 2014. But I promise, USA is not the only thing on my mind (although it may seem so, given the picture). I thought that after the trip, which we looked forward to half a year, I would feel down when I got home, that it would feel empty, but no! In fact, I think I've never had such a positive attitude about the upcomming fall and winter! The solution is simply to plan events and more trips to look forward to and to, as often as possible, meet up with the wonderful friends you have in your life, whether you have a lot of work/school or not. Now I have had a non-stressful period in school and that's why it has been easier to plan something on weekday evenings, but I have to try to be just as social even during the more hectic periods when I'm worn and tired, because it gives me so much extra energy when I spend time with my people. Much love to you.

Speaking of school, the first urban project has started. We work in groups for the first time (which is weird that we have not done before, given that the entire profession of architecture is a group work), it will be interesting to see how it goes! Right now we are in the sketch/discussion phase. I both love and hate this phase, it's fun and not as hectic, but I just want to get to that stage when you know exactly what to do. And I would also prefer not to think about that I should start to look over my portfolio because in a few months I'm doing my bachelor project and have to start applying for a traineeship. Help.


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