Back from the States

Our trip was over the top! Sure, I had high expectations, but wow, we have seen, done and experienced so much the last month in the U.S. I still haven't been able to process everything. I also haven't get used to life at home even though it's been a few days. It's always a bit hard to adapt after a long journey, but this time it has been extra difficult. We came home on Saturday after traveling a whole day, as soon as we got home I found out about some tragic news in the family which was not unexpected but still difficult to digest, and then started school right after the weekend.
Everything might have been easier to deal with if it wasn't for the jet lag from hell. I thought jet lag was something made up until now. I know it's easier to travel west than east, but when we went to Tokyo, I didn't have the same problems at all. Then, we arrived in the evening and slept right away. This time, we arrived in the morning (after a whole day of travelling as I said, with a nine-hour time difference) which made it impossible not to fall asleep during the day. And it's been like that since then, I am so tired during the day and can't sleep at night even if I manage to stay awake during the day. Luxury problems.

But I won't complain, I'm very fortunate to have been able to go in this trip, and very happy that everything went well without any complications and mishaps. I feel so satisfied, and at the same time hungry for more! I want to see the world. You will see a bit of what we've experienced since I, of course, went crazy with the camera. I just have to get into the right daily rhythm first.


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