Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset is a must. You barely notice the two kilometers walk because of the beautiful view. And at this time of day it's not nearly as much people and cyclists on the bridge as during the day. Across the bridge is Brooklyn Bridge Park, which has very nice walking paths and places to sit and enjoy the Manhattan skyline.

The plan was to get a drink on a rooftop afterwards, more exactly, on top of the Standard Hotel in Meatpacking District that I had been tipped off about. But we got hungry and made a visit to Vapiano first. It started to get late, and I began to wonder if we would get in - I didn't know if we could enter after a certain time, I just knew it was a bar. We decided to still go there, even though we were tired, and luckily, we did...

Because we ended up HERE! After wandering around a bit we stood in a short queue where everyone in front of us were denied entrance. We heard that the woman next to the guard repeated to people "no, it's a private event after 11, you can not get up". And I said to my boyfriend that it's no use trying, "let's go home*, but suddenly we stood in front of her, and I don't know what I said but she showed us to the elevators. When we came up, I thought we had ended up at Blair Waldorf's party.

Apparently it was Le Bain. One side was the quieter part with a large bar, a grand piano and mingling people. There you could go up to the quieter part of the rooftop, with sofas and loungers, and all of Manhattan in front of you. And from there, we saw that there was a little "wilder" part on the other side.

So we went there and found a real nightclub. I have never been in a nightclub with a view like this. We still couldn't understand how we ended up here after only have planned to have a drink and go home and sleep. And like all of this was not enough there was also...

...A freakin' pool. In the middle of the club. We almost fell in! However no one got in so I guess people were still too sober for that.

Did I mention I love New York?


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