From Village to Wall Street

From a concrete jungle to a beautiful Greenwich Village only a few blocks away. I absolutely love all the entrance stairs and leaning trees. It is mostly a residential area, but small cafes appear here and there, and here you get a better sense of people's daily lives than in touristy areas. Give me an apartment here, please.

I also love the parks in New York. Central Park is a category of its own which I will write about later, but there are many other and smaller parks that despite being located in the middle of Manhattan gives such peace that you just want to bring a book and sit there for the rest of the day. I was jealous of all the people in the parks that looked so relaxed, because unfortunately, as a tourist there for the first time you want time for so much more.

In Greenwich Village you can also find the famous Sex and the City steps to Carrie Bradshaw's apartment, which of course I had to look up. And, of course, take a photo on even though I had to step over the blockade that asks everyone to respect the residents. Badass. Or not. I am always very nervous when breaking the rules even though no one was there, so in the end my boyfriend said "step over the god damn chain or I will do it and you will take a picture of me instead."

We continued walking to SoHo and all the buildings with fire escapes. Here I could also spend entire days just walking around among all shops and cafes. By the way, doesn't this building remind you of the building from Friends? It's also located somewhere in Greenwich Village.

This one is for you, A.

Since we were heading down Manhattan, we ended up in the financial district. There, we visited Wall Street, which my boyfriend was a bit more interested of than I was. But we also found Century 21 nearby so I was happy too. Since we got stuck in there and it started to rain, we never visited Ground Zero as planned. It will have to be next time.


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