Hold your ground, we're safe and sound

It's time to write about something else than USA, otherwise this whole month will be a question mark when I read my blog in the future. I can't believe that half of September has already passed, I barely had time to blink before it went from sweating in shorts to... 10 degrees(!). It took me almost as long to recover after the trip. But now I'm back on track! I have met my friends, who filled me with lots of energy, I have shopped autumn clothes and new notebooks, pens, calendars and anything else needed for a "fresh start " and these weeks in school are really a slow start. I'm not used to having so much free time during the day. Definitely the calm before the storm.

I have also realized how much I missed Stockholm in just one month. Even if I travel to all these amazing places, it's something special about coming home to this beautiful city and the comfortableness when you know everything about it. And the more I travel and compare with other cities, the easier it gets to recognize the qualities of Stockholm, maybe also because my education has made me open my eyes to much more (we're studying urban planning right now, I love it!). It's just a shame that summer doesn't last long here, it feels like I have not had time for everything I wanted to do. 

Speaking of traveling, we have booked flights to Lithuania in October to see Bosnia's last World Cup qualifier match. We booked the trip on the same day as the CRAZY match against Slovakia, when I thought I would die a number of times - the worst and the best game I have seen. If we win in Lithuania, Bosnia will qualify for the first time since it's independence, and we are obviously not going to miss the historic celebration if that happens.

And that would be everything for this update.


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