June Reviewed

After three years together at architecture school, it was time for the grade to go separate ways. Some will continue their studies, some will start working, and some will do something completely different. It's hard to digest that we actually spent as much time together as in high school, but since most of us are left in the same professional circle we will meet each other from time to time. In any case, we had to gather one last time at Långholmen.
World's best mom turned 50. I know, who would think that?! Let me be as youthful, strong, wise and full of infinite love and happiness when I'm 50. After nom and dad's romantic birthday celebration in Paris, we also organized a small party at home and celebrated with loved ones. She deserves the world and more!

June was certainly a month of celebrations. Not only did I become a bachelor of architecture and my mom celebrate her 50th birthday - my little brother graduated from high school! I can hardly believe it! It feels like it wasn't that long ago since I graduated and suddenly he is standing there in her graduation cap and is supposed to take the next step in life. My eyes tear up just thinking about how proud I am of the little shit.

Feel so much love when I see these pictures. My family, my everything. The second image I love a little extra, just want to frame it or put it in my wallet. I got everything with them by my side, it's love, family and true friendship in one. What more do you need?

Istället för en klassisk studentmottagning ordnades en fest a la bosnian style för Dennis och hans två partners in crime sedan förskolan. You know the drill - massa mat, släkt, familjevänner och ett gäng aspackade grabbar som sjunger till bosnisk musik.
Of course, I had time to celebrate summer with my girls. Especially since Erna has moved into her first own apartment and invite us to dinner to show of some of her cooking skills. Can't wait until we gather again!

I haven't posted my project on the blog, but here's a little peek. After the presentation in school, there was a few of us that also showcased our projects in Uppsala Concert Hall where we got to mingle a bit and tell the audience a bit about our art museums. I had my Uppsala family on site and after the event they say goodbye to me and Jasmin since we were going to the airport and starting our vacation.


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