Crossed the finsih line

I have ignored the blog to avoid having to deal with this "long time no see"-post. How do I start it? How do I summarize the recent month? Do I even remember everything? Should I just ignore it forever snd stop posting? - No! I'll deal with it now, and start updating more frequently again. I have, after all, a lot in stock. Here we go:

Long time no see! As you know, the reason behind my absence has been my final project, and now it's finally over! This day seemed so far away and suddenly it's here. But not without blood, sweat and tears. It's only now that I've been sleeping properly for several days and become accustomed to the feeling that there are no musts or stress that I feel like myself again (note to self: never stay up for whole nights again) but I still can't grasp that the third year is almost over and that I basically have a bachelor's degree in architecture. BACHELOR OF ARCHITECTURE! It feels like I just started yesterday! Am I supposed to suffer from separation anxiety now? The new architecture school on campus is scheduled for completion 2015, when I return after my year of working, which means I've spent my last late night in this old building. No, I still haven't realized it yet. 

As usual, during an intense period at the university, it feels like I've been in a weird bubble and afterwards I have to wake up from that state and jump back on the train called real life. I've been trying to keep up with other things during the project as well. The floods in Bosnia has been a big distraction, which also gave me perspectives and reminded me that the project is the smallest problem in the world. While it has been heartbreaking to follow the situation through media, it has also been incredibly moving to see how people engaged, spread the word, donated money and supplies and helped to each other to help. Like a small bandage on a huge wound, a bandage that is too small to heal the damage but symbolically gives some sort of consolation. Bosnia is still in great need of help and will be for a long time. In addition to people's property and infrastructure being destroyed, now there is also the risk of diseases spreading and landmines from the war that have been moved from secured areas by the water. I don't really know what I feel about going there in two weeks. Although Sarajevo was spared from the floods it feels awkward to go there on "vacation". I must do something, but whatever I do it doesn't feel enough. And I don't really know much about the state and atmosphere in Sarajevo right now. It remains to be seen.

Something else that has been stealing my attention is the political situation in Sweden and the EU elections. I hope you voted. And if not, I hope you now realize how important it is to vote after so many racist parties received growing support across Europe. The Swedish Democrats' numbers doesn't shock me, however the rest of Europe scares me the more. Still, I've begun to feel a little apathy towards the population that votes against humanity, it's like I've become tired of getting upset because it feels hopeless, like I don't even take them seriously anymore - which is very dangerous. That is why I am so happy and moved that I constantly get reminded of that there still is a much stronger power against them, and the socialist and humanist parties are growing in Sweden. I 'm still surrounded by ethnic Swedes that gets more upset than I am over the racist parties successes. You are my cure for hopelessness and you still make me feel safe in my beloved Sweden. Thank you. And now, in September, you have to vote, vote, VOTE!

I wonder if I can squeeze in some more heavy topics in this post, when I'm already going. But this is what has been on my mind lately, might as well get it out. I have actually had time for some fun stuff too the last month, despite all the work, but that I will bring up in future posts. I'll finish this post by pointing out the obvious: It has become summer!


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