When working days are good days

I'm alive, I'm fine, I'm happy! And I need to update since my friends actually yelled at me for visitng my blog every day without anything to read. But starting to work means big change and new habits, and I've barely opened my laptop for weeks... However, to the important thing: I LOVE it! I love the office, the people, the architecture, I love to just be there and take it all in. So far so good. I have already been taking part of interesting meetings and projects, I got to go on an ArchiCAD course and even got to go on a study trip to Hamburg. I really look forward to the rest of this one year long chapter of my life. It sounds corny, but I feel in love. You know, when you can't stop smiling and think that everything is just amazing. And for the first time since... can't remember when... I go to sleep early and wake up early, because I can't wait to go to the office. Now I know it has only been three weeks and everything is still very new, and I am probably going to get tired of it more than several times, but I promise myself to never stop appreciating that I get to work in a profession I love. And as long as you appreciate and value that, it's hard to not also be very happy about it.


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