Random from school

One of the many lectures we have had recently. This was about Vision Stockholm 2030.

The game "Skyskapa" that my group made the second week after starting school in September. The task was to create 3D-games. It was a very fun week, we got to play a lot. Our game was also really fun!

Process photos from when I drew the large cardboard animals we built during the art week, if you remember. The drawings can be seen here and the big animals here . Wouldn't mind having another week like that one.

Last week we wrote manifestoes about future Stockholm and made manifest posters. It shouldn't be hard to guess which one is mine, I'm the only one silly enough to make hearts out of the metro system, haha.

Old notes from a lecture. It's supposed to be messy! I just wonder if I can read what I wrote.

Speaking of paper folded animals, earlier you could see some different animals on display at the entrance, including this rhinoceros.

Recently, we read books and wrote articles about them. I read Small Images, a book by a Japanese architect which is full of beautiful, small images - like the title says. Very interesting, Japanese people are crazy... And we are still fighting for a trip to Tokyo!

This is what I have been doing yesterday and today - I have measured and drawn our own apartment. It's a small task we got to train ourselves to perceive the size and scale of the drawing, and it is easiest to relate to our own homes.
I had forgotten how much fun it is to draw by hand. Screw the computers.


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