Sretan 8. Mart

"Most of all, I would like to celebrate my mother, the strongest and most wonderful woman I know, my role model in every way. I've tried to write a post dedicated to her, but words are never enough, and tears gather in my eyes every time I want to explain what she means to me. Tears of love, joy and gratitude. For all she has given me. For her unending love. For all the times she cries with me. For all the times she laughs with me. Because she has made me who I am today . Because she is the best friend I have. Because she has everything one could want in a mother. My beloved mother."

"Dearest ... I'm the one that has no words, they are not invented, they do not exist... to measure the love and happiness that you give to a mother. What did I do to deserve you? God, is there a greater feeling than the feeling of love to this girl? Is there a greater happiness than the moment you see her smiling and happy? or a greater pain, when she cries and when she hurts? Without her life would not exist because I breathe the air which she exhales....I didn't live until she came into my arms... far away in a hospital in Banja Luka, a wonderful night in March, when they laid her on the bed beside me and when she with her little eyes said: "Here is your little Lana"... like then, like forever... my Lana!"

Postat av: Anonym

Hey lana, this is a little message for your mom...

Dear Mrs. Karat,

I'm a girl who is just a few days older than Lana. I'm going to gratuade from a gymnasium in Germany this me and two friends of mine were recently having a conversation about our future lifes. Do we want to get married? Do we want to have kids someday? One of my friends said she wanted it all to be traditional: to find a nice man, marry him, have kids....but my other friend said she doesn't want to get married, she wanted to enjoy life and having no kids seemed to be the best way to do so.

Well, my opinion was...that I didn't have one. on the one side it seemed to be the greatest luck of all to have kids, but on the other side i thought about all the misery in the world, all the sick people abusing little children, people like Breivik destroying innocent lives.

As i said, i didn't have an opinion....until now: i've read your words and they make the feeling love seem as a big underestimation. Mrs. Karat, thank you for your wise words, and thank you for showing me what i really want: i want to experience that feeling too. so, i'm gonna call my boyfriend now...just kiddin' :)

THANK YOU for making my day.

All the best wishes and greetings from Germany to you and your family.

2012-03-08 @ 19:51:59
Postat av: Lana

Anonymous: Wow! You made my mom cry :D And you made me laugh at the last sentence, haha. Thank YOU so much for sharing that beautiful story! Both me and my mom hope you experience this great love one day (she says that there is no other love that can compare to the love from a mother to a child). Thank you again, wish you all the best!!

2012-03-08 @ 20:33:09
Postat av: Anonym

Hey lana, it's me again. please tell your mom that i'm veeeeery very sorry, i didn't want to make her cry on such a special day...or on any day!

well, i just checked my FB and i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw that we have a mutual friend! aaaaaahhh! that is very aaahmmm well, i dont even know an expression for that :)

2012-03-09 @ 00:03:19
Postat av: Lana

anonymous: Hahaha don't be sorry!! It was tears of happiness of course! My mom cries all the time, and so do I, we are really emotional haha.

Haha oh really? Now I'm trying to figure out who I know in Germany...

2012-03-09 @ 00:25:11
Postat av: Anonym

I know but still... :)

it's Alen P. he's from bosnia too. I don't know, but is he maybe a relative of you or so?

2012-03-09 @ 12:15:42
Postat av: Lana

Anonymous: Haha he is my boyfriend's cousin! What a small world!

2012-03-09 @ 12:28:34
Postat av: Anonym

indeed, it is haha!

2012-03-09 @ 16:18:46

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